The Wetlands Adventure Trail

Wetlands are an important ecological link to the historic, natural and cultural heritage of many locales. The Wetlands Adventure Trail is organized by geographic region and weaves together general wetlands knowledge with the stories that shape individual communities.

Bush Mill Stream Natural Area Preserve, Virginia (Photo The Wetlands Project)

Bush Mill Stream Natural Area Preserve, Virginia (Photo © The Wetlands Project)

Specific topics help you find what interests you most during any particular time of the year. Whether you are simply out for a nature walk with children  – or are an adult with a keen interest in your natural surroundings – the Wetlands Adventure Trail provides new insight and perspective into an often over-looked ecosystem of the natural world.

  • Plan your adventure ahead of time or access information from your smartphone or tablet on-site. Watch for Wetlands Ranger Activities for children.
  • Navigate through different sections of the Wetlands Adventure Trail by hovering over the menu that will appear on the left side of the screen. Click on a topic that interests you – or just scroll down to view all of the content.
  • Sharing your photos, stories and observations with the Wetlands Adventure Trail on Pinterest will add to the experience for future visitors. Click here to request information on how to join our Pinterest Group Board.
  • Keep up to date with the latest Wetlands Adventure Trail news on our Facebook page.

Remember to always stay on marked trails and PLEASE, do not ever remove anything from a natural site!

Click here for the Northern Neck Wetlands Adventure Trail Story Map!