Living Shoreline Workshop for Contractors and Landscape Professionals ~ Virginia, USA

Presented by The Wetlands Project, Friends of the Rappahannock, and Lancaster County Virginia  ~  A great partnership and a terrific team!

Date: April 19, 2017 ~ Location: Camp Kekoka ~ Kilmarnock, Virginia

Karen Duhring presents “Fundamentals of Living Shorelines”

On September 1, 2015 the Virginia Marine Resources Commission authorized a new regulation entitled “Living Shoreline Group 1 General Permit for Certain Living Shoreline Treatments Involving Tidal Wetlands”.

The purpose of this general permit is to “provide a streamlined permitting process as an incentive to encourage property owners to utilize a living shoreline approach as appropriate, to manage shoreline erosion, and promote the planting and growth of tidal wetland vegetation to restore or enhance ecosystem services.”

Three major subjects were addressed at the workshop:

  • Group 1 Living Shoreline General Permit requirements
  • Completing the permit application
  • Design and installation of living shorelines that meet the requirements of the Group 1 permit

Mike Vanlandingham of Shoreline Erosion Advisory Service discusses features of the Oyster Dock site.

The popular format for the workshop included presentations, on-site evaluations for suitability of living shorelines and small group case study projects. Sessions and field work focused on the following topics:

  • Maintaining proper site elevation
  • Selection and planting of appropriate vegetation
  • Installation of sand fill, fiber logs and mats, shell bags and temporary grazing protection
  • Removal & eradication of invasive species
  • Maintenance and monitoring of living shoreline site

Marine Contractors, permit agents, landscape professionals, and state and local government officials attended the full day event.

Follow the links below for additional information about the workshop:

~ Click here to read the full regulation of the Group 1 Permit ~