About Us

Meet the team!

The Wetlands Project is a non-profit corporation with big plans.

Our mission is to develop and strengthen community-based educational programs that create long-term environmental and economic value for protecting fragile wetland ecosystems.

Our vision is to elevate wetlands conservation into a trending cause championed by the general public.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors hard at work! (left to right: Jerry, Faye, Warren and Kate)

Board of Directors hard at work! (left to right: Jerry, Faye, Warren and Kate) 

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Faye Andrashko

“I want to inspire others to know and love wetlands as I do, and to want to learn more about these complex and gorgeous systems.”

Faye AndrashkoFaye is a native Virginian, but her love and appreciation of wetlands began in earnest at her home on a wild seven acre parcel bordering a small lake in Brewster, Massachusetts. Surrounded by wetland plants and wildlife, she quickly acquired an appreciation for the diverse bounty of wetlands and began supplementing a successful career in education and editing with college courses in wetlands ecology. She even served a three year term on the Town of Brewster Wetlands Board.

Faye has been a valuable advisor to The Wetlands Project since the founding of the company in 2013. As a member of the Board of Directors her goals are to expand educational programs, increase partnerships with state and local governments and develop grant-funding opportunities. With degrees in English and Mathematics from Barton College, Faye has taught high school in Hampton City Schools, and has served as an Editorial Supervisor at McGraw-Hill Book Company, a writer and Publications Editor for the Natural History Museum at Illinois State Museum, an adjunct English instructor at Rappahannock Community College and Coordination of Public Relations and Outreach for the Northern Neck Soil and Water Conservation District.

Gerald “Jerry” Cann

“I believe that the preservation of our coastal and bay shorelines is one of our greatest challenges.”

Gerald CannA native of New York and a graduate of New York University, Jerry has over 50 years of experience in the public and private sector and brings a wealth of experience in strategic planning to The Wetlands Project. Creating strong corporate and community partnerships that focus stakeholder attention on the need for coastal resilience along Chesapeake Bay shorelines is his primary goal. As a keen observer of public policy, Jerry also helps The Wetlands Project navigate the regulatory and legislative environment that has long-term impact on wetlands conservation.

Throughout his career Jerry has established two consulting companies and served at the executive level in several corporations including American Machine and Foundry, TRW, General Dynamics and Raytheon Company. He is the recipient of many public service awards, most notably the Distinguished Executive Award from the President of the United States. In 1990 he became first Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition. Additionally Jerry has been a member of the National Academy of Sciences Ocean Studies and Naval Studies Boards, the Naval Research Advisory Committee and served on a number of Defense Science Board studies. He also has served on the board of directors of several companies.

Warren Green

“We are about finding and promoting those ventures that take their surroundings seriously.”                                          

Warren GreenBorn and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Warren’s passion for wildlife and the outdoors has led him down a career path focused on conservation. He served in the South African National Defense Force, pioneered wilderness trails, led multi-cultural youth groups across South African mountains and escorted over 5000 travelers on photographic safaris through the African bush. He is an Honorary Ranger of the South African National Parks Board, and was appointed lodge manager and then International Marketing and Sales Manager at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, which adjoins South Africa’s famous Kruger National Park.

Warren moved to the U.S. in 2000 and is the owner and founder of Warren Green & Associates, a niche marketing company that supports tourism ventures that protect, respect and preserve the environment and culture in the areas in which they operate. As a member of the Board of Directors of The Wetlands Project, Warren directs our objectives to promote the principles of sustainable tourism in wetland areas. He has an International Marketing Diploma from Damelin College in South Africa, has served on the board of the non-profit Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa, founded the Footprints Foundation and serves on the Advisory Board of the Virginia Waterman’s Heritage Tour Program.

Kate Daniel – Executive Director and Ex-Officio Board Member

“Give your marsh space to romp, grow and roam freely. Be as proud of your wild and tangled marsh beauty as you are of an exquisite rose.”

Kate DanielAs the daughter of a military officer, Kate began her journeys to remote and environmentally sensitive outposts of our planet at a young age. Her goals are to deliver the message that wetlands are an important ecological link to the historic, natural and cultural heritage of many locales, and to raise public awareness for the environmental and economic value of wetlands ecosytems.

As founder of  The Wetlands Project, Kate continues to serve as Executive Director and plays an integral role in developing the infrastructure and programs of the new company. Building the organization from the ground up provided many opportunities to use extensive marketing and public relations experience to create the lasting partnerships that propel expansion and growth. Kate oversees operations and works to build a broad base of wetland expert advisors and community support. She has an undergraduate degree in Anthropology from the University of Colorado and a Masters Degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.



Project Coordinator: Without creative leadership, philanthropic programs sometimes struggle and lose momentum. The Wetlands Project may determine that a particular project will benefit from a project coordinator who provides clear direction and relieves administrative burdens on the project. Funding for this position will be included in the fund-raising goals and will be clearly stated with the project budget.

This short-term employment opportunity supports our mission to strengthen economic incentives for wetland conservation. In addition to ensuring the successful completion of the project, income is created and valuable professional experience is acquired.

We thank the business and technology advisors who have provided invaluable expertise, assisted in the development of our unique business model and continue to support our mission!